Home Poem Do you feel like letting them go?

Do you feel like letting them go?

Do you feel like letting them go?

You thought letting go of them was the best option and you actually let them away.
Maybe because you didn’t matter much to them again or probably because your mind gave you that picture of meaning less to them.

You deliberately decided to let them go because all doesn’t seem to work again.
Obviously they’ve become strangers to you.

And then you tell them point blank that you’re letting go of them
You’ve already made up your mind.

Funny enough, they didn’t try to stop you from going.
Maybe they did but they strength they pulled into keeping you wasn’t strong enough to draw you back.

Mission successfully accomplished
You have broken the ties that bonded you with them.

But then, there’s a problem
Your mind is playing games with you
You seem to hear their voices in your head
Your heart displays the memory you shared with them

You see yourself feeling the space the left in your heart
You see yourself searching for their affection in the web of your heart
In the midst of multitude that doesn’t house their presence, you seem to feel them.
You didn’t know you’ll miss them
You didn’t know. The meant this much to you.

Now you’re feeling the pain
You’re sad not just because they didn’t see you worthy enough to fight for
But because everything seem to remind you of them.

Ever felt like that?
People come and go but sometimes it’s best some people never came because their leaving, takes a vital part of you away.

You can’t mask the reality
You just can’t sanitize your heart quickly enough to protect your heart from the germs of their presence
You can’t wash them away
You’re trying to wash them but they’re like unwashable stain.

Don’t stress it
You go dey alright But definitely not now


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