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Eyes’ Smiles

Eyes’ Smiles


Looking in between your deep eyes
The stars blooms in secret smiles
I see what the future beholds for us
The smiles stares with roses I cherished

I am drawn to the truth in your eyes
It reveals the hidden words in your soul
Even when your lips speak to my heart
Only your eyes could convince me

Your eyes whispers true feelings
I’m cuddled in this adorned trust
My breathe escapes in my secret
With all of me , I lay my love for you

I lay down my wings for your passion
My loyalty is all your heart desires
You love like an irresistible burning fire
Cradling my deepest feelings

Against all odds , you won my heart
I couldn’t let you walk away without a smile
My heart travels miles for you
I know how I feel , I can’t deny


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