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Misogyny sells

Misogyny sells

You never hear men say things like;
“While other men were building their muscles in the gym, I was building my brain in the library”
“While other men were grooming their beards, I was grooming my dreams”
“While other men were engaging in crime and going to club, I was engaging in hustle and joining book clubs”.

On my way back from work one day, I recall seeing a female construction worker, quietly walking home.
She struck me, she looked exhausted, she also looked like she had a bath, I wondered where she found the privacy.
I though about the precarious heights she climbed with a basin of cement on her head (Occupational safety in Nigeria is a topic for another day). Her job involved risking life and limb.
She was on her way home, to sleep, she was like millions of hardworking women globally, doing various jobs menial or professional.

Quietly these women are doing great things. However, one girl on Facebook will start a business and her business post will read
” While other women were putting foundation on their faces, I was digging the foundation of my dreams, while other women were revealing their bodies on Tiktok, I was unveiling my purpose.
This is my hustle unlike all those slay queens that sleep with men for money”.

Misogyny sells and so her post will get a thousand likes, her post will get 500 shares, 250 of them will be with messages to “slay queens”, and her business will get thousands of naira.

You see, misogyny sells, she knows it and they know it.


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