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My Dear Friend

My Dear Friend

What’s the need of sharing your problem with someone who can’t provide a solution to it?

No need

Absolutely no need to talk about that which is a burden with someone who can’t lift the burden away.

That’s a lie I sold to myself
I’ve become possessive of my problems
You shouldn’t ask me about it because I’ll get mad at the fact that you want to dig a grave of wound that you won’t burial back.

But then, I’m thinking

There’s a relief that comes with talking about your problem.

A little relief that might not worth much.

A very small relief that can make your problem weigh a kilo less.
And so, let’s try to talk about the problem when we feel like talking about it.

But while talking about it we should remind ourselves that we stand a high chance of not getting a solution..

But then the relief that comes with talking, is the consolation prize you stamp in your heart.


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