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Peace in falsehood

Peace in falsehood

There’s this peace and joy that comes to your mind when you’re drunk.
It gives you the illusion that your life is perfect and with no worries.

I was at the bar today and I saw how happy people were.
Reading their drunk face you can’t detect a sign of worry , disappointment, frustration and pain.

They all forgot how imperfect their lives are as the jiggle to the sound of music.
For once, merriment is the only language they understood.

Their problems doesn’t mean anything to them.

Well, alcohol is the lie we drink to run away from the reality of our truth.
This is because this truth we keep drinking, keep choking us.

Sometimes, you have to tell your soul a lie
The lie that all is well.

You know all is not well

But then like the drunkards at the bar, you’re gulping down to your soul the alcohol of lies.

Telling your heart that all is well.

You’re trying to see the bright side of life.
You’re trying to pretend as if you have no worries

You’re living in illusion

But deep down inside of you

You know this illusion is dangerous but still

There’s this peace that comes with this illusion.

A peace that’s protecting your sanity
A peace that’s making your life less gloomy

A peace that’s not taking your problems away

But a peace that’s making your problem less
I have become a drunk
I don’t take alcohol
But recently my soul have been taking the liquor of “all is well’

A liquor that gives me a dangerous peace.

I know this peace is a fire that may burn me in the future but then for the present sake and for a today I’m sure of,
This peace is pacifying my heart.

I can’t comean kill myself.
I’m taking the liquor a drop at a time
If I get drunk, I care less.

I know after the hangover is gone, I’ll be faced with the reality but then I’ll still take a bottle of “all is well”.


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